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IMPORTANT! Mail Scam Targets Taxpayers


Crooks have tried all sorts of e-mails scams, but almost everyone has figured out that the IRS does not send out notices by e-mail or email attachments. So crooks have changed their tactics. Now, there are reports of taxpayers receiving by mail and email fake notices requiring immediate payment to a P.O. Box. The P.O. Boxes are located in cities where the IRS has service centers, but of course are not IRS P.O. Box addresses.

These scammers have duplicated the look of official IRS mail notices, which to the untrained eye would lead one to believe a notice was really from the IRS. Along with incorrect P.O. Box, the fraudulent notices ask for checks to be made payable to “I.R.S.”, not the “United States Treasury.”

Please be extremely cautious of any notice you may have received from the IRS. If a notice is demanding immediate payment and there has not been any prior contact by the IRS over the issue, then the notice is probably from a scammer. Reports indicate the initial letters were numbered CP-2000. When in doubt, have your tax preparer review the notice or contact the IRS directly to confirm.  Use the IRS phone number from the official IRS.GOV website, not the phone number provided on the notice.

Here is a sample fake IRS CP-2000 supplied by Iowa State University.

Individuals can submit phishing emails or scams to the IRS at


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