What Our Team is Saying About UCM


Sr. Accountant who joined the Firm in 2007

The flexibility!  Having the ability to work from home if necessary or being able to have a flexible work schedule off-tax season is extremely helpful, especially given the fact that I have two young children at home.  It’s one less thing I have to worry about!


Sr. Accountant who joined the Firm in 2008

It seems that everybody is smiling and having a good time.  There do not seem to be any rivalries and we all get along well with each other.  Also, the Firm does a great job helping employees balance work and family.


Supervisor who has been with the Firm since 2004

Consistent, open door access to upper management is a real plus at this firm. They want to promote within the firm and give us ample opportunity to learn what is needed to advance and succeed. Other benefits include flexible hours, telecommuting, advanced technology, and a reasonable busy season. I also appreciate a firm culture of integrity and compassion. We don’t just service clients because they are “profit-makers”, but because we want to add value, improve understanding, mitigate risk, and solve problems.


Supervisor, who joined the Firm in 2005

The opportunity to work and advance in different areas of public accounting – from individual, corporate, and nonprofit tax return preparation, new business setup, dealing with the IRS, to audit and preparation of financial statements.


Partner, formerly a Manager, who joined the Firm in 2001

Working with clients; I like the variety of work.


Sr. Accountant who joined the Firm in 1994

I would have to say what I like best about working at UCM is the people.  UCM seems to find people who have a wonderful work ethic, great attitudes and are always willing to help when you have a question or need advice.  Truthfully, the work can get burdensome at times.


Accountant who joined the Firm in 2012

I like working at UCM because everyone is always helpful and they really make you feel like you’re an important part to the team.

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